Synod Climate Action Strategy- free banners for congregations

As part of the Synod Climate Action Strategy* Uniting Mission and Education and Uniting have joined forces to offer a free climate action themed banner to lucky congregations.

Displaying a banner is a simple way for congregations to express their concerns and values into the public square and to show support for the Synod Climate Action Strategy.

There are three banner messages to choose from:

  • Climate Emergency: God didn’t create a Planet B
  • Killing the Planet is Against Our Religion
  • Act on Climate! Leave no one behind

There are 50 free banners remaining. To order, simply email Jon O’Brien at Uniting  with a contact name and delivery address and the banner you prefer. Banners will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Please contact Jon O’Brien on 9407 3225 if you have any questions or would like more information.

*In 2019 the Synod meeting resolved:

That the Synod (i) Develops a Synod-wide Climate Action Strategy to reduce carbon emissions across all councils and agencies of the church and to advocate to the Federal, State Governments and Local Councils to take decisive steps to reduce our emissions nationally. (ii) Supports initiatives taken by young people in advocating for action on climate change, including the global climate strikes.

Five tasks groups, made up of volunteers across the life of the church and supported by Synod and Uniting staff were established in December 2019 to implement the strategy.

For information about the task groups also contact Jon O’Brien (contact details above).