Single Touch Payroll is now mandatory

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is now mandatory for all Church organisations.

To find out more about your obligations and STP visit this link:

Uniting Resources is currently in the process of seeking an STP reporting deferral from the ATO for those Church organisations who are currently unable to meet their STP reporting obligations.

This means that if your organisation is currently not reporting through STP, the deferral will give you more time within which to prepare.

You will need to undertake to migrate to the Uniting Resources Payroll Bureau Service in order for this ATO deferral to be valid.

If you require your Church organisation to be added to this ATO deferral listing application, please advise the Synod Payroll Manager on by completing and submitting the basic information below.

Please note: Uniting Resources had set a deadline of 14 October to have collected this information, so if you have not contacted the Synod Payroll Manager, this is now overdue and requires your attention urgently.


Church organisation name:


Church organisation ABN:


Number of paid individuals on the current payroll:



Please call (02) 8267 4288 if you have any clarification questions or require further information.