Rev. Jane Fry’s placement as General Secretary of the Synod extended for up to another five years


Greetings to everyone in the name of the Risen Christ!

Now that the busy weeks of preparing for Easter and its celebration have happened, it is important that I let you know that the April meeting of the Synod Standing Committee voted to extend Rev. Jane Fry’s placement as General Secretary of the Synod for up to another five years.

This is really good news for the Synod, reflecting our appreciation of Jane’s leadership and her vital sense of call in the ministry of our Church.

The Synod in Session 2021 decided that the Synod Standing Committee was the appropriate body to conduct a Review of the General Secretary, and that was completed and the Report brought to the SSC in April in the week before Palm Sunday. The Review was rigorous and wide-ranging, offering new insights for Jane and for the Synod as we address the challenges of the years ahead.


Resolved 144/21S 

That the Synod on the recommendation of the Synod Standing Committee delegates to the Synod Standing Committee the responsibility to: 

  • complete a review of the General Secretary by December 2021 
  • determine whether there should be an extension of the General Secretary’s current term by April 2022, and the terms and conditions of that extension
  • convene a nominations process for appointment of another General Secretary at an appropriate time in relation to the conclusion of the current or extended term of the General Secretary.

Jane’s role is not only in the wider life of our Synod, but also in the daily life of our Synod Office and all of us who work alongside her. Please continue to pray for Jane – and for everyone in ministry. I know how much I value serving with Jane - and many others - in our Synod’s leadership, and I am thankful for the faith, wisdom and courage she brings to her role.

May the risen Christ continue to bless you all in the weeks ahead.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Simon Hansford