Register now for the remaining COVID-19 Safe Plan webinars

Dear Friends

The return to face to face gatherings is certainly proving more challenging than closing down. We appreciate the complexity of the preparations and are grateful for the thought and care you have shown.

Several misconceptions have arisen and I seek to bring clarity now, as follows:

  1. Your COVID-19 safe plan/s must be approved by your Church Council. Synod and Presbytery play no role in approving your plan/s. This remains the sole responsibility of Church Council.
  2. A copy should be forwarded to the COVID mailbox ( and your Presbytery PRC. This is not for approval, but for clear record keeping.
  3. Any third party groups wishing to hire Church property under your stewardship must give your Church Council a copy of their COVID-Safe plan. A copy should be forwarded to the COVID mailbox ( on behalf of the Property Trust.
  4. Communion and/or Passing of the Peace must be delivered without contact. This does not mean they cannot be celebrated – but how you will ensure the no contact rule is adhered to should be addressed in your plan.

The Government allowed gyms and dance groups etc. to recommence from 13th June 2020. This means your third party property hire to such groups can also proceed where the Church Council approves the use of the property in this way. Please note your Church Council must have a copy of each groups’ plan to manage the Government regulations. No group should be allowed to use the hall without Church Council approving their plan.

For the next week, Synod will host a Zoom/phone session daily. This is so you can join and get your questions answered as soon as possible. An Evening sessions has been scheduled for Tuesday 30 June at 7pm. Please email Patricia Modica to register your interest -

The time table is below and we are limiting each session to 30 participants. Please register your interest as soon as possible


Monday 22nd June

9am – 10.30am

Bronwyn Murphy

Tuesday 23rd June

9am – 10.30am

Brigid Trevaskis

Wednesday 24th June

8.30am – 10am

David Rudd

Thursday 25th June

12.30pm – 2pm

Brigid Trevaskis

Friday 26th June

10.30am – 12noon

Bronwyn Murphy


In the meantime, thank you for all you are doing to keep people safe.

May the rediscovery of gathering in person be a joy for you all.

Rev. Bronwyn Murphy, Associate Secretary.