NCLS extended until mid-February


With a pathway out of lockdown now clearer, it has become apparent that asking churches, particularly those subject to lockdown, to participate in the National Church Life Survey during November and even into December poses many challenges. Not in the least will be navigating the how and when to return to some form of in person worship and managing Advent and Christmas activities.

It is also felt that a delay in running the Survey may give better quality results. This data on church life will provide a mission planning guide for the next 5 years so it is essential we give the Survey the best possible chance of success.


Churches in the NSW/ACT can now do the Survey

until early February.  We are proposing February 13 as ‘NCLS Sunday’


This is a recommendation only; it is up to each church to determine the timing according to their own circumstances. We do ask that, wherever possible, Surveys are completed by February 13.

If your church has placed an order, the Survey Kit with the Surveys and instructions will arrive in the mail in late October, please keep it in a safe place until it’s needed.

If your church hasn’t ordered yet, it’s not too late, go to:

Have questions?

Join Glen Powell the Executive Director of Uniting Mission and Education and Julie Prowse the NCLS Regional Coordinator at our next open Zoom: 9:30 am on the 21 October,

For more information on the NCLS go to: