Moderator's 2019 Easter Message #EasterIsWhy

Wednesday 17 April 2019

In his 2019 Easter message, the Moderator of the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of New South Wales and the ACT, the Rev. Simon Hansford shares the reason why we continue to worship, witness and serve.

Easter message from the Rev. Simon Hansford

Easter is when God bears witness to us. It is when Jesus Christ, in his very life, testifies to all that God is, in mercy, and suffering, and hope. And love.

The Uniting Church understands, that ourfaith in Jesus Christ places us squarely in the marketplace of our world.

Easter is why we feed those who are hungry for bread and justice and forgiveness; it is why we advocate for refugees, chained by politics here and overseas; it is why we agitate about fair treatment for those trapped in the prison of addiction; Easter is why we offer a voice for our planet, particularly to those leaders who ears are stoppered.  

How can we bear witness to this Christ, with both our words and actions?

It’s not about being either “evangelists” or advocates of “social justice”. This polarised conversation is a waste of God’s mission and a waste of our time. When Jesus healed people, they received their lives back socially and physically. When Jesus offered forgiveness, it was restorative of life and community.

Easter is why we worship, in voices and languages and music which reflect the world in which we live, the hospitality we offer and the God whom we serve. We worship and witness and serve, imitating the crucified and risen One, with the Spirit’s inspiration, to the glory of God.

Our faith in Jesus has us kneeling beside those whose lives seem beyond repair. Our faith in Christ crucified would have us nowhere else, and whether the brokenness comes from our own hands, or the hand of another, that is where we belong.

We here because Christ was crucified and raised. Easter is why we believe that chains can be broken, and prisoners released; Easter is why we open our ears and hearts to bring social justice to the world.


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