Important changes at Uniting Financial Services

Over the past 6 months or so mention has been made of changes to come as we upgrade our systems.

Why make changes and what are they?

We have listened to what our investors have told us so, Uniting Financial Services (UFS) will be upgrading to a more current version of our core financial system. This will allow for a more robust and contemporary way in which we look after your funds. For instance, the changes will provide a better level of data security to our investors, as well as enabling us to offer financial products that are more relevant to investor needs and in a timelier manner than we’ve been able to deliver in the past.

The system upgrade also means we can adapt quickly to continuously changing legal obligations relating to the prevention of financial crime such as anti-money laundering/ counter terrorism funding etc. You might say we are “future proofing” our system.

What will the changes mean to you?

The main changes will be to individuals and church organisation that use Uniting Online. It will have a more modern look and feel as well as be more in keeping with systems used by other financial institutions.

In response to a common request, the improved system will enable you to export transactions from Uniting Online to Xero and other accounting software, previously limited to MYOB. Other exciting features we are exploring included the ability to login with one user ID and view multiple investments under your control and the possibility of managing the roll overs of Fixed Term Investments online. 

What do you need to do?

  • If you have changed your contact details, please let us know including email and telephone contact details
  • Keep your eye out for any updates we forward to you
  • Check our website regularly for updates or consider registering to receive our e-newsletter so you can keep up with any changes. You can register through our website
  • Be aware when you login for the first time to Uniting Online things will look different.


When will the changes occur?

Our current “go live” date is set for 1 April 2019, however we will not proceed with changes unless we are completely satisfied the system has met our expectations. We will keep you updated as we move closer to the date.