Implementation of safe practices to minimise and manage potential infection

In light of the growing numbers and concerns regarding new variants, Congregations are reminded that they are able to implement their own safe practices to minimise and manage potential infection.

The Governments removal of restrictions passes the responsibility  of risk management to individual groups and businesses. Dr Jan Fizzell, in today’s forum (16th Dec 21) , encouraged caution, saying that because something is not mandatory does not mean it shouldn’t be practiced.

The NSW Government has now updated the Covid Safety Plans and, whilst they are not mandatory to complete, they are recommended to keep you mindful of the risks that still remain. As part of the instructions to complete a plan, there are helpful links to further information and guidance.

The plans can be found here.

The Government is now shifting the responsibility of contacting close contacts of people diagnosed with Covid-19 to individual groups and businesses. The Government has indicated they will focus on supporting the vulnerable groups within the community, so please be alert to having accurate records at all functions and events. This means that should you have a case of active Covid, don’t wait for Govt to begin the contacting process, but attend to it yourselves, and as soon as possible.

Please be reminded that the Synod office will be closed 24th Dec to 10th Jan. The Covid mailbox will not be monitored during this time.

May you all be safe and find blessing in the Christmas season.

Rev. Bronwyn Murphy, Associate Secretary