Heritage Workshop Documents now available

Heritage churches are valued by congregations as well as broader communities for their aesthetic contributions to the environment, their role in the history of a locality, and as places of worship, association and meaning.

Respecting these values in caring for a church building fulfils stewardship by the congregations of today for future generations. A well-maintained building is necessary to the church’s ministry, and contributes to the broader issue of environmental sustainability.

There is no doubt that caring for any building presents many challenges. Within a construction market which is driven by increasing land values and profit-motivated building activity, simply locating tradespersons can be difficult. There is a heavy focus on compliance with increasingly complex planning documents. These factors are compounded in community building management, where well-intentioned (but often time-poor) volunteers are relied upon to initiate and oversee repairs. Property maintenance can lapse to the point that repairs become costly. Heritage listing adds another layer of complexity to the care of a building and the decision-making surrounding it.

With many of these factors in mind, Uniting Resources commissioned a series of workshops across the state in Sydney, Canberra, Grafton and Orange in February and March this year to assist with maintenance plans and conservation and heritage management.

The workshops were run by Hector Abrahams and Tristan Ryan of Hector Abrahams Architects Pty Ltd and in association with Meg Quinlisk, Consultant Historian. Funding assistance for these workshops came from the NSW Government through the Heritage Near Me program.

The Annual Maintenance Plan and its associate document Maintenance, Management and Minisitry are comprehensive and informative documents that assist Congregations with maintenance and heritage conservation. These documents are now available to download and review from the website.