Hazardous Materials Inspections

Uniting Resources have engaged Australian Asbestos Management (AAM) to undertake hazardous materials inspections and to complete up to date Hazmat reports for all Synod properties.

Over the coming months AAM will be contacting Congregation/Presbytery Church Council members to arrange access to carry out the hazardous materials inspections in order to complete the Hazmat reports.

It is a requirement under the Federal Work Health and Safety Code of Practice 2015 (National Legislation) and Codes of Practice for individual states and territories to undertake hazardous materials inspections of all property assets owned by the Property Trust once every five years.

The hazardous materials inspections will also include AAM checking for flammable cladding materials as this is a new requirement under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Identification of Buildings with Combustible Cladding) Regulation 2018.

The Cost

The cost of a Hazmat report is $220.00 (including GST) for re-inspections. If there are no previous Hazmat Reports on our records, the property asset will require a new Hazmat report and this will cost $270.00 (including GST). Should the building comprise any hazardous materials and or flammable cladding materials that have not been previously tested, there will be a sampling cost in addition to the cost of the Hazmat report.

The sampling costs are outlined as follows:

  • Asbestos containing materials (sampling costs are included in the above-mentioned prices)
  • Lead paint ($38.50 including GST per sample)
  • Flammable cladding ($550.00 including GST per sample)

The Scope of the work

Each building will require a separate Hazmat report. For example, a property may comprise a church, hall, minister’s residence and garage that forms part of the same property. In this example, a separate Hazmat report will be required for the church, hall and minister’s residence (garage will be included as part of the minister’s residence).

Should you have any concerns about the cost of the Hazmat reports and/or the sampling costs, please email Property Services with your concerns at property@nswact.uca.org.au.

Our Accounts Department will issue an invoice to each Congregation/Presbytery on completion of the Hazmat reports for each property asset.

We seek your cooperation

As the hazardous materials inspections form part of the legal obligations of our Property Trust, we seek your co-operation in providing AAM with access to each property asset.

Please be aware that if AAM is unable to gain access to inspect a property, Congregations/Presbyteries will then be directly responsible for arranging up to date Hazmat reports for those property assets through AAM. In these instances, a copy of the Hazmat report for each property asset must be forwarded to Property Services at property@nswact.uca.org.au

Congregations/Presbyteries can be held liable for any breach that is identified at properties where AAM is unable to gain access to carry out the hazardous materials inspections due to lack of co-operation in providing access and failure to arrange hazardous materials inspections directly with AAM.

The contact details of AAM for all Congregations/Presbyteries directly arranging up to date Hazmat reports for any property assets are as follows:

Australian Asbestos Management (AAM)
Gordon Weckert (Manager)
Phone: (07) 5450 1241
Mobile: 0447 087 122

Email: gordon@austasbestos.com.au