General Insurance Contribution invoices

In recent years we have sent the invoices for the insurance contribution (both General and Motor insurances) in the days preceding Christmas.  With Christmas being a busy time in our mission activities, a decision was made to send these invoices to the various entities in the New Year.

This year we are intending to send invoices out by the middle of March.  Do not be concerned about your insurance coverage, it is in place for all notified Congregation assets and risks including Property, contents and Motor that along with the general insurances such as Public Liability, Volunteer Personal Accident and Hall Hirers Lability.

Synod insurance policies now renewed on October 31st so our invoicing will be approximately four months in arrears.  There has been much talk in the media about the rising costs of insurance and we are not immune from this. The challenge to renew some of the Synod’s external insurance policies has further contributed to the delay in billing individual entities.

Many congregations are now setting aside monies on a monthly basis to ensure that when these invoices arrive, they are prepared. It is also possible for you to discuss with the Synod Finance Team to arrange a payment plan so the contribution is split into a number of smaller payments thus alleviating the financial pressure of a single payment.

The intention is to send the invoice to the email address that was given when completing the Insurance Renewal Questionnaire.  If you wish for it to be sent to another email address please contact so we can update our records.

We will be sure to have an update here and the weekly Synod e-news to inform when the invoices and schedules have been sent.

The invoices and schedules will be emailed from either or so if they don’t appear in your inbox make sure you look in your junk/spam folders.