Chief Health Officer urges Church Leaders to be vigilant

Dr Kerry Chant, Chief Health Officer this week thanked leaders of the church for their continued care for the vulnerable and to remain vigilant to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community by adhering to their COVID-19 Safe Plans and always undertaking physical distancing.

As cases of COVID-19 rise in Victoria every day amid major health concerns, NSW Health is keeping a close eye as clusters continue to develop in NSW.

Dr Chant is urging churches that: “Places of worship are high risk settings for COVID-19, based on the experience here and overseas, particularly when there is group singing. There have been several clusters of COVID-19 in New South Wales in recent weeks, including a cluster linked to a choir at a church and attendance at a variety of activities related to a funeral. Group singing or chanting is particularly high risk and should not take place at this time. This applies to both the congregation and the choir.”

Read Dr Chant’s letter in full in the attached PDF.