Dear Ministers

As the restrictions tighten , please know we are holding you all strongly in our prayers. As again you return to the surreal situation of balancing your personal reaction to lockdown and the needs, expectations and demands of congregations, some of you will add the complexity of home schooling. There are extra prayers for you! It is a very big ask to juggle such weighty things and be at your creative live-streaming best!

This lock down may pass quickly, or it may be extended. In this time, please take whatever time is needed to attend to your personal and family needs. Pay close attention to your spiritual needs and treat yourself as gently as you can.

It is only in God that we ever hold the rest together. Check in with each other and know that EAP is available for you and your immediate family should it be needed. 

Remember you are called, loved and highly valued.

Bless you through these days,

The Moderator Rev. Simon Hansford, General Secretary Rev. Jane Fry and Associate Secretary Rev. Bronwyn Murphy

Read the Media Release on increased restrictions here