Holding events, conferences, camps or paid performances

Churches at various times hold larger events at a variety of venues, and this means that some of the copyright elements are different than Sunday Services and may require additional licences.

Singing Worship songs at an event

This scenario could be a church camp, a conference, or Christmas events. If the event is considered a “ministry” of the church, then the music can be reported and used through the church’s CCLI licences the same way as their Sunday services. The only catch is the attendance number. The event will need to be covered by the same size category as the largest event the church is holding.

 If the church normally has an attendance of 50-100 people, then they would purchase a category B licence. If they are expecting 400 people at their conference event, then they would need a category E licence.

CCLI offers two options for churches: increasing the category of their annual licence, or else maintain a lower category for their annual licence, and purchasing a one off “event” licence which covers the church for the higher number of attenders for 14 days. It would depend on the details of the actual event as to which option would be more cost effective. If this is a situation your church is likely to find themselves in, please contact CCLI to discuss which option is best for your church.

Check The Public Performance License Section of the CCLI Website