Copyright Agency Licence (CAL)

Copyright Agency / Viscopy collects fees and distributes royalties to creator members for the reuse of text and images.

CAL offers an annual licence where the fee is generally calculated based on the number of regular attenders in the church membership.

A summary we have received about this licence from CAL:

"The worship licence specifically covers literary material used in the service itself, in Sunday or Sabbath schools and study groups and print or digital newsletters distributed to the congregation. Content can be shown on an overhead projector and in digital presentations during the service.

For some of the larger parishes a general corporate licence is required as they are posting material to their website, sharing information/content internally for research or with committee members, some parishes have a weekday education program, are giving presentations outside of a worship service and a general corporate licence allows for the external sharing of newspaper articles”

The licence fees for the Worship Licence is generally calculated by the average weekly attendance at approx. $1 per person.

This licence has an annual renewal date of 1 January.