Singing Songs During Worship Services

Generally, our Sunday worship service needs are covered by the CCLI licences.

The main aim of the CCLI licences is to assist churches to find resources to use in their worship services as well as to ease and simplifying the administrative work in complying with copyright in Australia.

CCLI has a variety of licences available for churches, organisations and individuals. The three licences which most Australian churches utilise are:

  • Church Copyright Licence – This permits churches to project or print out words and lyrics to worship songs and hymns
  • Music Reproduction Licence – This allows you to photocopy or print sheet music.
  • Church Video Licence – This provides the legal cover required to publicly show film clips and full-length movies from their select list of producers.
  • Streaming Licences - This provides the legal cover required to stream services to social platforms

CCLI also has a service called SongSelect. It is a music database and software platform which can be used as a resource for churches to obtain music, songs and other resources. Talk to CCLI about SongSelect as an ad-on to your licence.

For more information about these licences, please see the CCLI website.