To help you to tell the story of the Uniting Church in your communities, we have a wealth of tools to share

  • Our Guidelines provide the basic elements of our brand identity – logo, colours, typeface, language and visual style. This document is currently under review and will be reposted here soon.  
  • Our Media Guidelines outline the ways in which members, Congregations and Presbyteries can reach out to local media, how to use social media and guidelines for approved media protocols relating to dealing with the media.
  • Our Social Media Guidelines provide standards for engaging with social media.

Logo files to download

A master logo file containing logos in every format here.

For more information

Contact the Team on 02 8267 4304 or email us for further assistance.


This information applies to printed and digital materials (photograph, audio recording or video footage) produced by or for the NSW and ACT Synod office, presbyteries and congregations.

You must obtain written permission from the individual or parent/guardian of all children who appear in any photograph or video footage, prior to using the image in any format. In addition, you should ensure that the child is willing to allow their image to be used. To assist in documenting permission, a media consent form has been developed. Alternately, you can obtain an email which specifically gives permission for the use of images.

Photos of children should focus on small groups rather than individuals. Leaders should not identify in writing the person/s in the photograph (e.g. tagging on Facebook) unless permission has been explicitly gained from the person themselves and the young person’s parent/guardian. All young people must be appropriately dressed when photographed (e.g. not in swimsuits or pyjamas). Children should not be able to be tracked down as a result of the manner in which photos are taken and shared e.g. because of school uniforms, name tags, etc.

When a video of a service or activity is distributed or streamed online, signs and/or notifications should be posted that indicate the service is being or will be broadcast.

You can find all the information required about music and streaming copyright as well as basic information about Zoom and broadcasting to other platforms here.

Download the guidelines for using the Uniting Church in Australia logo.

The logo of the Uniting Church in Australia shows the cross of Jesus Christ, in its light and love, standing over a darkened world—redeeming it through grace and truth. By that cross people are bound to Christ and each other. The Holy Spirit, symbolised by the dove with the wings of flame, empowers and guides us to be witnesses to Jesus Christ. The wide U at the bottom points to the fact that we are uniting; as a semicircle it also reminds us that the renewing of both the church and the world are as yet incomplete.

The Uniting Church in Australia logo is available for download in different sizes and formats.