Our story is one of our most valuable assets. It’s part of what makes us unique.

As part of the Secretariat, the Communications Team provides communications services for the Synod of NSW and the ACT to tell the story of the Uniting Church to its members and the media. Congregations across the Synod are comprised of tireless volunteers, who are God's "hands and feet" in their communities and we love to tell these stories.

The team also manages media enquiries and media training, social media, website development, production of print media, logistics for events and work closely with Congregations and Presbyteries to tell the story of the Church, manage the Uniting Church reputation in the media and train congregations for digital ministry best practice.

Digital Ministry

The Communications team regularly upskills members of the Church in digital ministry and mission through its Microsite Project and the team are more than happy to run a workshop for Presbyteries and Congregations.

Being involved and active on social platforms helps us live out God's Great Commission in the world to be active, agile global change-agents for Christ.

The ways we tell the story of the Uniting Church

The Communications Team helps tell the story of the Church in a number of ways, through mediums like the quarterly magazine Insights, via our social media and digital channels and with toolkits and guidelines for local Church Congregations.

As well as telling the story of the Synod, its' Presbyteries and Congregations, the team also assists with marketing and communication expertise across Uniting Mission and Education, United Theological College and Uniting Venues.

Congregations can also order banners (both vinyl and stand up) to make known some key messages about our advocacy in the community.

The Communications team