Our story is one of our most valuable assets. It’s part of what makes us unique.

Our values of integrity, inclusion and diversity mean we must communicate in a way that is inclusive, honest and supportive.

This means simple, honest language. It means talking with people not at them. It means talking about ‘you and us’, not ‘we’ and ‘them’. And our voice needs to be inspiring to build faith.

Each time we come into contact with our audience, our members, our community, we have the opportunity to build the Uniting Church story.

The extent to which people understand and respond to our story is dependent upon their affinity with the Uniting Church experience. This is formed by a number of things – our behaviour, the things we say and the way we look.

The ways we tell the story of the Uniting Church

The Communications Team helps tell the story of the Church in a number of ways, through mediums like the quarterly magazine Insights, via our social media and digital channels and with toolkits and guidelines for local Church Congregations.

As well as telling the story of the Synod, its' Presbyteries and Congregations, the team also assists with marketing and communication expertise across Uniting Mission and Education, United Theological College and Uniting Venues.

Congregations can also order banners (both vinyl and stand up) to make known some key messages about our advocacy in the community.