1. How to begin

Your first step is get in touch with UnitingRedress to discuss options.

Phone: 1800 713 993 (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm)

Email: unitingredress@nswact.uca.org.au

2. Getting it Down on Paper

If you decide redress is right for you, the next step is to provide evidence and documentation to support your claim. Our team can refer you to a service to help you retell your story in a confidential and sensitive way. Our team will assist you to identify any information or documentation that might be required.

3. Developing your Redress Plan

Your redress plan may include:

  • counselling and support
  • a formal apology
  • meeting with a senior representative of the Uniting Church or the Uniting Church organisation directly related to your claim
  • seeking an ex gratia payment
  • reporting your case to the police
  • seeking legal advice

4. Your Claim

After the submission of the relevant documentation, your claim will be considered by the Interim UnitingRedress Panel. At least one member of the Panel is not an employee of the Uniting Church. The Panel may respond with an offer of counselling, an offer of an ex gratia payment and/or other redress options. You may change your mind at any step of the process prior to receiving a payment. You can seek legal advice anytime. We will support you by covering the reasonable costs of a solicitor to advise on the settlement documentation.

5. Ongoing Support

We want to ensure the best outcome possible for you. We’ll keep in touch regarding any needs or referrals, which may include financial counselling or support groups.