Hannah Boland

“If you could see Pam Ayres, Bill Bailey and Adrian Plass join forces, it would be both utterly ludicrous and delightful. But until that day arrives, you have me,” says Hannah, who will entertain us with her unique brand of comedy while also telling us about her story told through the lens of comedy, music, creativity and Christianity. Synod members will get a chance to see Hannah in full comedic flight at our casual Sunday BBQ on 1 October and then as a keynote speaker on 2 October.

For more information about Hannah, visit her website.

Joel McKerrow

Joel is a writer, speaker, educator, community arts worker and one of Australia’s most successful internationally touring performance poets. As part of the “Telling Our Story” theme Joel will be creatively leading us through Bible Studies on Saturday 30 September and Monday 2 October.

For more information about Joel, visit his website.

Rev. Thresi Mauboy

Thresi is an Indonesian woman who grew up In Soe West Timor and the current Moderator of Northern Synod. When asked to consider becoming the Moderator of the Northern Synod (which she accepted in 2015), Thresi said “I don’t pray for an opportunity but pray that I will be ready when the opportunity comes”. She acknowledges the movement of the Holy Spirit in every part of her life. Thresi will be a keynote speaker on 3 October.

For more information about Thresi, have a look at her bio on the Northern Synod website.

John Cleary

John Cleary was the former presenter of Sunday Nights on ABC local Radio and has been described as 'one of Australia's leading commentators on religious affairs'. He was a member of the ABC's specialist Religion unit and was often heard as a commentator on Religious issues for ABC Radio and Television.

He is best known for his years with Radio National as presenter of The Religion Report and, prior to that, the philosophy program Meridian. He was part of the original Compass team on ABC TV, and was for several years a weekly part of the Triple J morning program with Angela Catterns and Jen Oldershaw. In 1994 his book on the Salvation Army in Australia, Salvo, was awarded Australian Religious Book of the Year.

During his career with the ABC John has worked for extended periods in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. 

Join us for BBQ Lunch on Sunday 1 October

On 1 October we have an opportunity to come together for a complimentary BBQ (sponsored by Uniting Financial Services) with entertainment by Hannah Boland and other music as we enjoy food, comedy and music.

Making Space for the Future with John Cleary

This Q&A-style panel on Sunday evening 1 October will be an open forum with John Clearly moderating a discussion with Heather Watson (Uniting Board Chairperson), Meredith Yabsley (Uniting Resources Board Chairperson), Simon Hansford, Moderator, Michael Anderson (UFS Board Chairperson) and Rev. Graham Perry (UME Acting Board Chairperson) about how the boards are working with the Church to make space for the future. In the lead up to the forum there will be an opportunity for members to send questions to the panel via contactus@nswact.uca.org.au. The evening promises to be an engaging one.