Special Religious Education in NSW Government Schools

Special Religious Education (SRE) is the program as part of NSW Government Schools for children to learn in their religious tradition and aims to nurture the spiritual wellbeing of students. SRE is taught by trained representatives, often from several religions, recognising the diversity of the school community.

The NSW Department of Education overseas the SRE program and those teaching SRE must by trained and authorised by an Approved Provider of SRE.

The full list of NSW Approved Providers of SRE can be accessed here .

Parents or Guardians are required to give permission for their children to attend the Special Religious Education Classes, usually via the school enrolment form or a notice sent to parents/guardians to indicate which SRE classes they would like their children to attend.

For more information

For further information about how Uniting Churches in NSW are involved in SRE, together with information about authorised curriculums, and requirements for SRE teachers including teachers authorisation and training, please follow the link to our SRE webpage.