The Synod Standing Committee (SSC) is empowered to act on behalf of the Synod between meetings of the Synod. The role and responsibilities of the Synod Standing Committee are defined in the SSC Charter (currently being reviewed). The UCA Manual for Meetings provides the official standing orders and rules of debate for the SSC. Minutes are held by the General Secretary.

The Standing Committee is chaired by the Moderator, Rev. Simon Hansford. 

Policy Documents
SSC Updates

Updates 2019

Updates 2018

From 2018 the SCC Minutes will be replaced with the SCC Update.

Standing Committee Reports to Synod

Download the Reports to Synod from the following links: 2019 ; 2017 ; 2016

SSC Members below
  • Moderator, Rev. Simon Hansford
  • Ex Moderator, Rev. Niall Reid
  • General Secretary, Rev. Jane Fry
  • David Barrow (until 2022)
  • Sharon Flynn (until 2022)
  • Rev. Danielle Hemsworth-Smith (until 2022)
  • Ian Lawrence (until 2022)
  • Tauálofa Anga-aelangi
  • Irene Bowie-Johnson
  • Hayden Charles
  • Rev. Kent Crawford
  • Rev. Peter Harvey
  • Rev. Dr Niall Mckay
  • Rev.Tammy Hollands
  • Amanaki (Langi) Suli
  • Heather Watson, Uniting Chair
  • Ian Gray, Uniting Resources Chair
  • John Collins, Treasury Investment Services Chair
  • Michael Anderson, Uniting Mission and Education Chair
  • Allan Gibson  - Chair of Synod Governance Oversight Committee
  • Scott Stanton – Chair of Synod Audit and Risk Oversight Committee
12 June 2020 Level 2, 222 Pitt Street , Sydney
24 July 2020 Level 2, 222 Pitt Street , Sydney
4 September 2020 Level 2, 222 Pitt Street , Sydney