When a Minister retires the Synod aims to ease transition.

Ministers must first notify their Congregation or appointing body in writing of their intention to retire. The appointing body must then inform the Synod Standing Committee on 8267 4329 or sec@nswact.uca.org.au

The Synod Secretariat will initiate a letter to the Minister advising of their entitlements on retirement, and the various processes that need to be dealt with including;

  • Provision of Relocation Assistance covering all or part of their removal costs to their place of retirement (one move).
  • Finalisation of their Beneficiary Fund membership
  • Management of any outstanding long leave balance
  • Finalisation of any Housing or Car Loans obtained via Uniting Financial Services
  • Provision of new contact details for the Synod Directory for retired Ministers

For further information on matters relating to retirement please contact the Secretariat on 02 8267 4323 or sec@nswact.uca.org.au


For further information on matter relating to the finalisation of any Home Endowment Fund loans and any entitlements owing please contact Assembly on 02 8267 4428