Royal Commission Update

The Royal Commission public hearing into Knox Grammar and the Uniting Church reconvened to hear oral submissions on Monday 10 August 2015. All submissions into the hearing, including written submissions by the Church and Knox, have been published on the Commission’s website. A final report is expected to be published in the coming months.

Former Knox School Council member and Uniting Church Moderator, Mr Jim Mein, gave evidence at the Royal Commission on behalf of the Church. We are grateful to Jim for his dedication and commitment to the Church and Knox Grammar during the hearing and acknowledge the considerable demands this involved.

The submission by Mr Lloyd, Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission, stated; "Mr Mein also gave evidence and was an impressive witness. He was asked to respond to Mr Feehely's allegation and he denied being involved in assisting the school to destroy documents. It is submitted that Mr Mein's evidence should be accepted and that he was not involved in or aware of any advice given to the school to destroy documents.”

Submissions are available on the Commission’s website here.

Synod continues to work with Church agencies to implement a Synod redress process (which will be called Uniting Redress) for survivors of child sexual abuse.  The process involves ongoing work with the Royal Commission, survivors and Church agencies.

The Royal Commission plans to present its final report on redress to government in August. The Church is looking forward to reviewing the Commission’s recommendations. Until then, an interim Synod redress processis in place for survivors. More information about Uniting Redress will be coming soon on the Synod website.

We are committed to actively contributing to the healing and justice process of the survivors and their families.  Thank you for your continued prayers for the survivors, the Royal Commission and for this important work. 

Rev. Dr Andrew Williams