In July 2019 we gather as a community, to renew our commitment to being a living church, a Church that focuses its energy on the common good through enabling healthy congregations, developing vital ministry and transformative community engagement.

Bringing Jesus’ vision for the world to life – making a difference, living church – is the work of communities of disciples all over the world.  

A Living Church is:

  • Committed to connecting to the spiritually curious and making Christ known to emerging generations
  • Passionately committed to the wellbeing of humanity and creation
  • Daring and disruptive because being different and making a difference is a risky enterprise
  • Authentic about the life, mission and relevance of Christ in this age of "fake news" and social media echo chambers
  • “Sharpening our understanding of the will and purpose of God by contact with contemporary thought” Basis Of Union

What to expect

  • Hear from empowering speakers Rev. Peter Walker, Jon Owen, Karina Kreminski and Joshua Gilbert
  • Be renewed by Bible studies and workshops to equip and engage
  • Discover the ways God is inspiring, guiding, shaping decisions and empowering the Church
  • Praise and worship God together

Synod Bible Studies

This year the Bible Studies will be led by Rev. Peter Walker, the newly appointed Principal of United Theological College. 

Synod Events

This year at Synod we have three events for the whole Church to attend. Register here to attend one or all three events.


6.30pm for complimentary dinner, followed by the film and panel from 7.30pm, The Junior Academy and Performing Arts Centre at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga

In 2016 Synod membership endorsed a plan to look at Australia's growing drug problem. In October 2018, the Uniting Church and Uniting sought a new path for drug reform with the launch of the Fair Treatment Campaign. The campaign gained national recognition with Sir Richard Branson in attendance. Following the launch, the Long Walk to Treatment again raised awareness of the lack of services in regional NSW. It takes half a million steps to walk from Dubbo to Sydney – the distance a person in regional New South Wales may have to travel just to reach the drug treatment they need. A long and lonely road to recovery.

Step by step, participants walked from Dubbo to Sydney to deliver a letter signed by people across NSW to bring care closer to home. Along the way, stories and signatures were gathered to support our cause with one purpose: making sure that all Australians can access the care they need. These stories and the walk have been collected in a powerful documentary called ‘Half a Million Steps’. Join with members of the Church for the premiere of this documentary at Synod, followed by a panel to discuss the issue

For more information go to the Fair Treatment Campaign website.

Register here.

7.30pm at The Junior Academy and Performing Arts Centre, Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga

Join in this contemporary worship event from the Many Cultures, One In Christ team from Uniting Churches across Sydney. Led by second generation Tongan, Korean, Indonesian, Cook Islander, Chinese young people (and more!), this will be a high energy, contemporary, participatory event not to be missed.

Register here.

Keep up to date through the Revivify Facebook event page.

4pm at The Junior Academy and Performing Arts Centre, Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga

Join with the whole Church to celebrate in the closing celebration of Synod 2019 to send delegates back to their communities with enthusiasm for bringing the message of the Living Church back to their congregations.

Register here.