Your contribution helps grow the future of the Church.

Seeds of Growth is how every Congregation can help support mission opportunities that breathe new life into our communities and bring God's love to the world.

Seeds Of Growth Stewardship Contribution assists the whole Church and will assist Synod to:

  • Supporting existing, growing new and renewing our missional focus in congregations and service agencies through Growing Healthy Congregations
  • Equipping and empowering disciples for missional leadership and ministry by Developing Vital Ministry
  • Serving, leading and advocating with our congregations and communities to create a world that is inclusive, just and connected through Transformative Community Engagement

Update on Seeds of Growth

Seeds of Growth is often misunderstood and presumed to be a program where congregations, presbyteries and other church entities contribute to specific projects that are managed by Synod, in a manner similar to the way the prior Living is Giving program was promoted across the Church.


Read the whole update from Albert Olley, COO of the Synod Office here.

Resources for use in Congregations and Presbyteries 

If Churches or presbyteries would like the Seeds Of Growth Stewardship Contribution Pack mailed to them please send an email to

Your questions answered

All the materials about the change from Living is Giving to Seeds of Growth contribution are available here. If you have any further questions contact your Presbytery representative.

Presbyteries and Congregations can request hard copies of Seeds of Growth materials by contacting the Synod of NSW and ACT Communications Team on 02 8267 4305 or by emailing

A limited number of DVDs will be produced as we would prefer you download the videos directly from our Vimeo Channel for use in meetings and Congregations.

Changes were required to the way funds were raised from Uniting Church entities that benefit from being part of the Uniting Church in NSW and the ACT, to ensure that the whole Church and its members contribute to its broader operations, activities and mission.

The Uniting Church in Australia is the only denomination in Australia that has had an opt-in stewardship allocation and change is needed as contributions from Living is Giving declined, leaving 65% of congregations faithfully supporting the whole Church. Seeds of Growth is a "whole Church" stewardship program that will support the mission of the Church and Future Directions for the People of God on the Way.

We suggest you contact your local Presbytery representative to find out how this change affects your congregation.

Good stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. As followers of Christ we are reminded that all things including life itself are a gift from God. When getting our ‘house’ in order and considering our ‘household’ budget, we are called to be responsible stewards and recognise the needs of God’s Church here on earth, both within our Congregations and in the greater community.