First Nations' Resources

  • AHRC Bringing them Home video (30min)
  • Please note: the content of this video is at times very emotional and may be difficult to watch at times… I’d recommend a packet of tissues handy as most people can’t help but shed a few tears. Perhaps even watch it with a friend, so you can have a bit of a chat and debrief afterwards. Even though it can be an emotional journey, it is essential viewing for anyone who genuinely wishes to understand what the “Stolen Generations” refers to, and how deeply Aboriginal people and their families were impacted.
  • National Apology 2008 video (30min) Then Prime Minister, The Hon. Kevin Rudd’s, apology to the Stolen Generations on 13 February 2008.
  • The Bringing them Home Report For those who would like to read the full report, and gain deeper insight about the Stolen Generations.
  • Bringing them Home website/resources
  • Closing the Gap Report 2020 In his Apology speech, you will hear Kevin Rudd mention “Close the Gap”. View a copy of the latest Closing the Gap Report here.
  • National Reconciliation Week – Reconciliation Australia website/resources
  • Intergenerational Trauma This link provides a good explanation of what intergenerational trauma is, how it can impact Aboriginal people and communities, and how it can be acknowledged in developing appropriate programs and responses to community needs

Engaging with Aboriginal People and Communities

Aboriginal culture and the workplace – how different cultural values can influence perspectives and approaches to work. Aboriginal family and community responsibilities versus work commitments and expectations – finding reasonable and respectful solutions.

Cultural Perspectives – difference between Indigenous cultural values and Western cultural values

Cultural perspectives - Family and kinship connections

Cultural perspectives - Communication – cultural difference - use of language, body language, self-confidence, eye contact

Watch the video here.

Further discussion

Nathan Tyson is happy to participate in a Zoom discussion with your Presbytery/Congregation/workplace group about any of these topics if you would like to organise a Zoom meeting.

Nathan is the Relationship and Service Manager. He is on a 12-month secondment from his role with Uniting as the Community Engagement and Partnership Specialist with the Aboriginal Strategy and Engagement Unit.

Nathan’s role with the Synod is to provide support, enabling congregations and presbyteries, to develop real covenant relationships with local Indigenous communities furthering the life and witness of the church.  Nathan will also work closely with key Synod leaders in the Synod Office as well as Presbyteries, to implement a cultural awareness program in relation to Australia’s First Peoples.

Nathan suggests reviewing the resources in the order they are listed, as it will help make sense of the journey so far, and why we still have more work to do to address legacy issues stemming from colonisation/dispossession, the Stolen Generations, and the current social justice issues impacting Aboriginal people, families and communities.

Nathan recently spoke at the Healthy Churches Expo. Watch his session on Supporting First Nations peoples and communities - Covenanting in 2020 and beyond here. 

Feel free to give Nathan a call to discuss (0438 714 862) or send him a Zoom invitation via (if I have a prior commitment I will contact you to find a mutually suitable time).