Acting Associate General Secretary

Rev John Thornton

Rev. John Thornton is the Acting Associate Secretary of the Uniting Church of Australia Synod of NSW and ACT. John has currently stepped out of retirement to fulfil this part time role until the Synod Meeting 2017 in September.

Many Uniting Church members and the community would already be familiar with John and his work due to his active ministerial life. Prior to “retiring” John was the minister for four years at Lismore Uniting Church where he also held the position Chair of the Far North Coast Presbytery.  

John is currently chair of the Mid North Coast Presbytery and a facilitator of the Presbytery Chairs Meeting, a group which builds co-operation right across the Presbyteries in the Synod. It is this experience and more that he brings to his new role.

John will look to collaborate with all Presbyteries to find new ways to work together that will benefit the Synod as a whole.  He is committed to visiting every Presbytery particularly those located in the bush to achieve this goal.

John brings with him a spirit of optimism and would like to think the Church is in a much stronger position than it is sometimes portrayed.  All too often it is tempting to take on a belief that the Church is in a time of scarcity but rather John believes we have to change our focus to one of abundance.