Uniting Resources


Uniting Resources provides support to the Synod by working collaboratively with congregations, presbyteries, schools, Uniting and other church bodies.

It works like an innovative partner, delivering resources and management services that help create and sustain of a growing and vibrant church.

Uniting Resources has the following core capabilities:

Employment and Industrial Relations 

Employment and Industrial Relations provides advice and assistance to all Uniting Church organisations within the Synod to ensure that each organisation meets its legal obligations. 

Financial Management Services

The role of Financial Management Services is to support the wider Uniting Church and its accountants, volunteer treasurers and office staff. The team offers accounting and financial services as well as advice and assistance to the Synod. 

Human Resources

The Uniting Resources HR team, provides internal HR assistance to Uniting Resources, Uniting Mission and Education, Uniting Financial Services and the Secretariat. They also provide guidance to Congregations and Presbyteries on Ordained Ministers entitlements. 

  • For further information on Ordained Minister’s entitlements please click here.
  • For further information about our Employee Assistance Program click here

Information Technology and Systems 

Information Technology and Systems provide the Synod of NSW and the ACT with professional management and advice in computer hardware and software, including networks and data, as well as manage all technology projects. 

Payroll Bureau Service

The Bureau is available to all Presbyteries and Congregations of the Synod of NSW and the ACT. It is provided on a cost recovery basis and will calculate and administer payroll payments as directed on a fortnightly cycle. 


The Property Services team is responsible for administering the Synod’s property policies and ensuring property proposals adhere to the Synod’s policies. 

Risk and Compliance 

Risk and Compliance manage the insurance program on behalf of the Synod of NSW and the ACT, the National Assembly and the Northern Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia. 

Workplace Health and Safety Services

Our Workplace Safety Service is responsible for ensuring an effective Work Health and Safety Management System runs throughout the Synod of New South Wales and the ACT.