Giving generously helps spread the reach and impact of God’s mission in the community.

There are a number of ways to give, both individually and through fundraising in your Congregations. Living is Giving assists the Church in supporting the mission work of the Church. Giving Direct enables you to tithe directly from your bank account each week, and leaving a Bequest ensures your legacy assists the future of the Church.

The Direct Debit Authority form enables a financial commitment to share in the mission and life of the Church through generous giving. 

By phone: You can make a donation by calling Living is Giving on 02 8267 4394. The line will be attended from Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Forms, cheques or money orders can be addressed to Living is Giving, PO Box A2178, Sydney South NSW 1235.

Order appeal envelopes to distribute by emailing to enable  fundraising in your Congregation.

Donations are not tax deductible.

If you have any questions or concerns contact us by calling (02) 8267 4394 or email

Giving generously helps spread the reach and impact of God’s mission far and wide.

The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, multi-cultural ministry, sharing faith in schools and universities and transforming ministry are directly supported by Living is Giving.

View and share Living and Giving inspirational mission achievements in these videos.

Donate securely online here. 

Giving Direct helps Uniting Church members support their local Congregation through regular contributions by arranging a direct debit to transfer funds electronically. By making regular contributions Congregations assist planning for the future.

To automatically give your regular offerings to your church, obtain a simple authorisation from Uniting Financial Services and nominate an amount to be debited from your bank, building society, credit union account or Uniting Financial Services investment at an agreed frequency.

With Giving Direct, members of your Congregation can automatically give their regular offerings to your church, directly from their bank accounts. Together they will be Giving Direct to more effectively reach your Congregation’s ministry and mission goals. 

To set up Giving Direct, find out more information from Uniting Financial Services.

Just a relatively small contribution from your overall estate could make all the difference helping the work of the Church.

Bequests are critical to the work of The Uniting Church, educating, transforming unjust social structures, safeguarding our vital community support, looking after the next generation and helping to continue our faith and mission.  After providing for your family, a bequest is a special way of ensuring that the mission of the Church is sustained.

For further information about Bequests click here.

You can also call 02 8267 4303 or email